Probably you should check out the README if you care for much detail.

Caution this will overwrite any existing bash, vim, and other configuration that you have, in various places, e.g. .bashrc.

To bootstrap a new machine with this configuration:

which apt-get && apt-get install git-core make python python2.7 ;
git clone && cd dotfiles && make dotfiles

On a Mac you will need to install XCode first.

Additional usage

Possibly you may want one of these two modes:

make dotfiles  # installs just the dotfiles
make apps      # installs just the apps

For more options, try make help.

Settings Applied by these Dotfiles

Note: a variety of macOS settings are automatically tuned during the apps phase. This process will terminate any running Chrome, Safari, and various other apps, due to actively changing settings. Unless the preferences file gets changed, this should only happen once.

Prompt Format

The command prompt this installs displays several components:


Command Prompt Screenshot

Vim configuration

Several important features for my workflow

More Apps from the AppStore

Additional tools I find useful…