The Agile Data Warehouse on Amazon Redshift

Redshift is a great OLAP database environment, though its limitations may surprise you. Many of its benefits are derived from its simplicity, belied by these limitations. Provided these techniques and design considerations can be applied, Redshift offers the flexibility needed for growing, evolving organizations to leverage their data at massive scale. Overcoming these limitations requires a tooling ecosystem surrounding Redshift, whereas Redshift must be respected for the simple, efficient, and yet robustly queriable datastore that it is.

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Vote for Evil Too

As long as we’re voting for the lesser of two evils, the next election will bring a greater evil. Let’s start voting for Good, regardless of popularity.

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Continuous Deployment with Python Packages

Streamline your Python development with GitLab CI; automate build, test, and publication of libraries to PyPI package repositories.

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