About Sam Briesemeister

I thrive in teaching, learning, sharing knowledge, and developing stronger teams. I encourage tenacity and aggressive learning in the pursuit of quality, agility, and the development of new strategic capabilities. I love bringing up new leaders.

My consulting work focuses on developing agility in teams, of disciplines ranging from software engineering, operations, to business intelligence and analytics. This often involves building software systems and workflows to accelerate their product development endeavors, and fostering the use of microservices, containerization, continuous delivery/deployment, and Lean/DevOps culture.

In recent years, I also worked with Samsung’s CNCT group, focused on Kubernetes, and consulted with several other startups in the early stages of their cloud-native software lifecycles.

In prior years, I helped build Analytics Pros, now part of AdSwerve; and developed a practice of DevOps applied in Business Intelligence, with Sendachi (now part of Contino). I’ve enjoyed working with major worldwide brands, supporting the acceleration of their software lifecycle, analytics integration, and leveraging data to make their marketing and product work more profitable and exciting. I’m thrilled to see strategically valuable decisions made with insights from good data, and a drive for customer-focused learning.

These days my main focus is on building an excellent, enterprise-capable ecosystem of support for Kubernetes, at Mesosphere.


Notably, my recent work has been focused much less on writing code. I now lead teams, and while I contribute code occasionally, my time is spent largely on architecture and coaching. Sadly some of my work is not open-source.

Hopefully you’ll find some of these helpful though:

Subjects of Interest