About Sam Briesemeister

My clients hire me to develop agility in their business intelligence and analytics teams. This often involves building software systems and workflows to accelerate their product development endeavors, in which I emphasize the adoption of microservices, containerization, continuous delivery/deployment, and Lean/DevOps culture.

I love teaching, learning, sharing knowledge, and developing stronger teams. I encourage tenacity and aggressive learning in the pursuit of quality, agility, and the development of new strategic capabilities.

I’ve previously worked with Sendachi during their Seattle operations. I helped build Analytics Pros with Caleb Whitmore. I’ve enjoyed working with major worldwide brands, supporting their analytics integration, and leveraging data to make their marketing and product work more profitable and exciting. I’m thrilled to see strategically valuable decisions made with insights from good data.


  • Universal Analytics Measurement Protocol libraries in Python, C, and PHP.
  • trombone - an extensible tool for converting Tomboy notes into Evernote.
  • tackle-wsgi because none of the myriad other WSGI frameworks quite suited my taste.
  • webapptitude A framework built for Google AppEngine, to accelerate development of big-data applications on Google infrastructure.

As Yet Encumbered

Regrettably much of my work is currently not open-source, owned by employers and clients. This includes several Javascript frameworks, various libraries related to integration and use of Analytics data, and various auxiliary projects to support components of products built.

Subjects of Interest

  • Analytics of all kinds, Big Data and Machine Learning
  • Privacy and Data Ethics
  • Social Responsibility
  • Open-source Software
  • Philosophy
  • Linguistics and Multilingualism
    • German; lass uns reden :)